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To invest in stocks publicly listed on the market, you need to fulfil the following 05 requirements:

                                A Share Market is a place where shares are publicly issued and traded. A share serves as a tradeable document that validates your ownership of a company. The share market is also where buyers and sellers exchange these documents. To facilitate the exchange publicly, a formal marketplace has been developed for investors to buy and sell their shares.

1. PAN Card, 2. Aadhaar Card, 3. Name on a canceled cheque from your active bank account, 4. Proof of residence based on a list of documents that have been accepted by your stock broker, depository participant, or bank, 5. Account statements, 6. Passport-size photographs

A Demat account serves as an electronic house for your shares. Opening a Demat account is a hassle-free process conducted online or offline with the help of a depository participant. Many banks also offer Demat account services to their investors.

A Demat account and trading account go hand in hand. A trading account is used to buy and sell securities that you wish to trade on the stock market. Both Demat and trading account are mandatory for investing in the share market.The Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange are primary exchanges where stocks are listed. However, some stocks may only be available on either one of these two exchanges. Hence, it is advisable to open your trading account with a depository participant who offers trading on both BSE and NSE.

Linking a bank account to your trading account ensures a seamless flow of money in and out of your account as you trade. This is mandated by most brokers with whom you will choose to open a Demat and trading account. Currently, you can find two-in-one accounts that serve as both a Demat account and a trading account. Some brokers also offer a three-in-one account where one can trade directly from their bank account and store their securities in the same locatio

Stock market skills and education help you make better decisions by giving you the tools and knowledge necessary for success as an investor. Stock market education helps you understand why something is important, such as knowing when it's time to sell or buy stocks based on recent changes in price.

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